“You don’t have to worry about things that you can’t  change” this is what we are always  told once we are stressed by situations, events  or  even people .It easily  said than done , everyone one will always  try to encourage you, They forget the  fact that one does not choose to  be stressed ,It’s an inevitable  emotional strain  , Often we all try to pretend how strong we are to those  who hurt us and to the rest of the world ,but the bitter reality is that we hurt deep inside . You don’t  have to be strong , When possible open up ,try to interact with the people who   overcome the same problem before since they will  understand you better , Avoid to the people who stress you more ,but create a network of people who try to make you stronger and try your best  to forgive .Anger  will always hurt as more ,But once you forgive, you make peace with yourself and that is the begging of the healing process.


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